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Clash Royale Miner Wall Breaker Deck

Are Wall Breakers good for defense?
Wall Breakers are not recommended to have in Clan Castles as a defensive troop, since they have to blow themselves up to destroy the opponent’s troops, they also do very little damage. However, they are good at clearing troops with low health, but that is not a good reason to include them.

Should I use the miner?
The Miner is the most effective when it is paired with other cards. Swarms (Goblins, Bats, Minions, and the Dart Goblin) are extremely effective when paired with the Miner. If they connect to the tower, they can do insane amounts of damage.

Are Wall Breakers good clash Royale?
Wall Breakers are especially effective in decks with several low-cost cards, as their own low cost combined with other low-cost cards can cause the opponent’s best counter to them to not be available when the player deploys them multiple times in a row, forcing them to defend inefficiently.

Related Questions

Is Miner good in Clash Royale?

Miner is consistently regarded as one of the best Legendary cards. It has the ability to deal consistent damage to crown towers, which makes it the feature of cycle decks; but also be a mini-tank for high damage cards, notably Balloon.

Are Wall Breakers a win condition?

Wall Breakers: Also the fact that cycle decks are thriving more and more as Clash Royale evolves, Wall Breakers are becoming a dominant win-condition.

What do Wall breakers do in clash Royale?

The Wall Breakers card is unlocked from the Spell Valley (Arena-. It spawns two very fast, building-targeting kamikaze attackers with low hitpoints and high area damage. They are Skeletons donning team-colored bandannas and carry explosive barrels.


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