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Clash Royale Miner Vs Goblin Barrel

Does electro spirit counter Goblin barrel?
Using the Electro Spirit to stop a Goblin Barrel with the perfect timing that it stuns the goblins when they land, not later, not before. Just placed on time and it jumps right when the goblins land. Hard to master but handy if you don’t have Zap or Arrows in your deck.

How do you defend against a Goblin barrel?
Goblin Barrel is easily countered by cheap spells or splash cards. Also, Goblin Barrel can be a dead card in your deck when they have counters available. However, you can use the Goblin Barrel as just goblins if you are desperate. It’s better to play the Barrel than allow for a Prince to hit your tower.

How do you counter the Goblin drill?
The most reliable counters to the Drill are troops who can deal splash damage, troops which one-shot Goblins, or both, like Bomber, Bowler, Executioner and Wizard. Most swarm cards can negate most of the damage done by the Drill and its Goblins, but this requires precise timing.

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How do you defend a Goblin drill?

Can fire spirit counter Goblin barrel?

ClashwithShane on Twitter: “New Fire Spirit will completely counter a goblin barrel for 1 elixir!

How do you counter Goblin barrel and Miner?

Is Miner better than Goblin drill?

Compared to the Miner, the Goblin Drill’s burrowing speed is 33% slower, and its sound effect is different, so the player must keep this in mind to know which card is being deployed and when. Its high hitpoints make it an effective tank for building-targeting troops like the Giant.

How do you beat the mighty miner challenge?

Is Miner Goblin barrel good?

Goblin Barrel: Even with the nerf, the Goblin Barrel is still a force to be reckoned with. With the high prevalence of Zap over Log these days, the Barrel is almost always guaranteed damage. Paired with an Ice Spirit, it is a great punishment for beat down decks.

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Can fire spirit counter Goblin barrel?

Pairing the Fire Spirit with Electro Spirit is very effective, as they both cost 1 Elixir, which will only use a total of 2 Elixir. This combination can take out units such as Princess, Minions, Archers, Bomber, Firecracker and can even completely stop a Goblin Barrel with the help of the Princess Tower.


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